Consulting on industrial seamless stainless tube production & complete value chain

We consult on production of hot and cold finish; industrial seamless stainless tubes/pipes. 

Our consulting includes plant set-up, process guidance, machinery advisory, RM supply and markets.

We collaborate with global machinery, technology vendors and integrate them to provide end to end consulting service.

Located in India. Services provided globally.


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Tube rolling mill (Pilger)

High Speed Tube rolling (2-roll Pilger) mill for tube production in austenitic, duplex, high nickel grades


  • OD: 10mm to 38mm
  • Th.: 0.6mm to 7mm


Precision Tube rolling (3-roll Pilger) mill for tube production in nickel alloy, titanium, precious alloy materials


  • OD: 4mm to 63mm
  • Th.: 0.05mm to 5mm

Origin: Japan

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Bright Annealing for seamless tubes

Specification :

  • Tube Diameter : φ 3-φ 51mm
  • Thickness : 0.25-5.0mm
  • Tube length: 35 meter
  • Production capacity: 0.5 T per hour
  • Industry 4.0 enabled. ( optional)
  • With fast cooling ( optional)



Gas controlled furnaces guarantee lower costs and greater product efficiency as they are tailored to the production application.

In the inox line, the possibility to work with 100 % Hydrogen in the heating zone allows to fully control the dew point, accelerating the rate of production.

Origin: Italy

Ultrasonic nDT of tubes pipe using rotating probe head

Defect Detection

Standard defects for longitudinal I.D. and O.D. ultrasonic testing will be notch of 5% wall thickness in depth, 25 mm length and 0.25 to 1 mm in width, the minimum depth of notch is 0.10 mm.

Testing Speed 

Max. 20 mtr./minute (28 Ch.) at 100 % coverage for test of longitudinal, transverse as well as continuous wall thickness monitoring.


Standard and customized options available

Origin: China

ROTA Ultrasonic NDT of Tube

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ERP forTube & Pipe Industry

Our ERP for Steel Tubes & Pipe (producers, processors and traders) can be deployed on-premises or cloud hosted. It is customizable, scalable and has mobile access.


  • Dashboards, Analytics, Reports and Alerts
  • Inventory Management
  • Finance, Purchase
  • Planning, Production & QC
  • Project Management
  • Sales ,CRM
  • Customer Vendor Portal

Origin: India

ID grinding of pipes

It is used to remove internal surface imperfections and to deburr the inner diameter of the tubes.

  • Inner diameter of pipes: 180 – 600 mm
  • Length of pipes for single sided grinding: up to 8000 mm Max.
  • Max. length of pipes when grinding from both sides: up to 16000 mm
  • Material removal in one cycle of passage: up to 0,20 mm
  • Repeated grinding cycles on a defined section in order to grind: up to 1,6 Ra
  • Automatic mode allows for:
    Repeated grinding cycles along the entire length of the pipe.
    Repeated grinding cycles on a defined section in order to grind surface defects.
    Monitoring the force of blade pressure on the pipe surface.
  • Abrasion extraction: By connecting an elastic abrasion resistant hose to the end of the pipe using a replaceable conical head.

Origin: Czech Republic


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OD grinding of pipes

The OD grinding machine is used to achieve high quality grinding surface of pipes and to remove surface defects after drawing and cold rolling.

Tube/pipe range from 9 – 600 mm

Origin: Czech Republic

Chamfering Machines (Pipes & Rod edges)

Beveling and chamfering at the tube ends is used to remove burrs after cutting of the tubes or to make the bevels for welding of the tube ends.

Chamfer units ensure that the outside and inside diameter are beveled as well as the alignment of the tube face.
In the same way it is possible to bevel the rods or hexagon edges.

Chamfer units ensure that the outside and inside diameter are bevelled as well as the alignment of the tube face. Chamfer ranges are 2 – 10 mm x 30, 45 or 60 degrees.

Origin: Czech Republic


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Flying & Disc Saw cutting of Pipes & Rods

Flying saws are designed to cut pipes and bars into precise lengths with continuous movement of the pipe in the line.

  • Split diameters, profiles: 6 – 120 mm
  • Length after division: 3 –21 m
  • Feed speed of pipe, rod: up to 2,0 m/sec
  • Cutting accuracy: +- 1,5 mm


Disc saws are intended to cut the tubes and rods to the exact lengths. The scope of the cut tubes is in range from 6 to 140 mm.
Cutting of tubes to the proper lengths with an accuracy of + – 0.5 mm / 6 m length.
A flying saw can be used for continuous cutting if the tubes are moved at a speed up to 1.0 m/s.

Origin: Czech Republic

Pipe ID - laser 3D scan surface inspection and geometry measurements

Laser based internal geometry measurement of tubes, bores, pipes, containers (360° ID 2D section scan & 3D model of surface defects, ovality, circular deviation, Length) using pipe crawling robots and sensors.

Origin: Germany

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Packaging machines for tubes & rods

The tubes and rods are automatically packed to the square or hexagonal shape.
A bundle is automatically created based on the diameter of the tubes and required bundle size.

  • Profiles to bundle: Round, hexagon, square, rectangles, profile steel
  • Pipe diameters: 6 – 120 mm
  • Lengths of tubes, rods: 3 – 18 mm
  • Bundle size hexagon, square: up to 600 mm
  • Bundle weight: up to 6000 kg
  • Strapping cycle: Approx. 60 sec per tape

Origin: Czech Republic